5 Don’ts Of Online Dating You Must Be Aware Of

Love it or hate it; online dating isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, around 40% of all Americans are actively using online dating sites. But on this quest to find your partner – there are many things you don’t want to do! 

In the niche dating sites, there are a plethora of LDS dating sites out there, and LDS dating comes with its own set of not-so-clearly defined rules. If you’re looking for LDS singles in your area and struggling to find your way around; we are here to help you out! In this article, we break down 5 Don’ts Of Online Dating:

How online dating become easier with LDS singles

Don’t Play Games

When it comes to online dating, there are way too many instances where you’ll be conflicted about what to say and how to say it. The thing is, honesty is always the best policy! Game-playing isn’t going to get you anywhere. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t be vague about what you feel. You might think you’re seeming too eager by letting the other person know you *loved* your first date. But in reality, this is going to help you determine whether the feeling is mutual and whether there’s more to experience with them.

When you’re upfront in expressing your feelings about the other person, you’ll either watch them reciprocate or realize by their response that they might not be interested. Either way, there’s no need to wait for weeks before having this confrontation. The earlier the better! So if you like someone, let them know at the earliest opportunity. 

Don’t Take It Personal If Someone Isn’t Interested

It’s hard not to – we get it! But the thing is, it’s impossible to come across so many people online and have them all like you. What you don’t want to do is internalize all the rejection you face. If you end up taking it personally every time someone didn’t follow up, no matter how great a match they were, you’re going to just give up online dating altogether. Not only will this affect your self-perception, but it’ll also keep you from eventually meeting someone you click with. It’s always so much better when the feeling is mutual!

Here’s the better approach: celebrate every mismatch instead of getting upset. Be relieved that you didn’t waste any time on something that wouldn’t have been met with reciprocation. If the other person didn’t come through, they’ve done you a favor by saving you time. Instead of sulking over this rejection – remind yourself of what’s great about you, and why they’re *majorly* missing out. There’s still plenty of LDS singles out there for you to meet!  

Don’t Continue Dating Someone If You’ve Realized They’re Not A Good Fit

Sometimes it’s tempting to continue talking to someone you initially liked, even though that voice in your mind is already telling you they’re not the best match. It’s advised to move on in that case. Whether you’ve already had your first cup of coffee together, or are just in the beginning phase of talking; it’s always important to trust your intuition. 

When you trust your intuition and you’re clear about what you’re looking for; you’ll end up with people who are actually a good match for you. This will eventually raise your chances of finding someone you can see yourself with long-term. It’s also crucial that you’re honest about what you’re looking for from the very beginning. This way, you won’t ever land in a situation where you have to stop talking halfway. Be totally upfront about what you’re looking for. Don’t lead people on, and don’t be lead on yourself. It’s a waste of time for both people involved! 

Never Excuse Poor Communication From The Other Person

Do not fall for the I’m so busy with work justification for not communicating enough. We’re all busy people, and we all know how to prioritize people who mean something to us. Don’t buy into the I’m a bad texter trap to constantly forgive poor communication. If you continue to date someone who doesn’t respond to your messages, you’ll be constantly hurt by their behavior. Therefore, it’s important to call out this behavior from the get-go.

Way too often in the world of dating online, you’ll meet people who don’t make the effort to reciprocate in communication. So much so that poor communication has become a norm in online dating! Of course, this is not the kind of interaction that’s likely to lead to a good encounter. If they like you, they must make the effort to actually talk. If they don’t – move on.

Don’t Rush To The Finish Line

We get it, you really want to show off your engagement ring on Instagram, or you’re beginning to feel like you’re the last amongst your friends to marry. But that’s not reason enough to rush to the finish line! Your goal with online dating might be to eventually get married but don’t let that influence your whole relationship with the other person. While it’s OK to be honest about what you’re looking for in a partner, don’t let your desire to get married or have kids get in the way when you’re just getting to know someone. You don’t want to scare a perfect match away!

Enjoy getting to know someone and take your time in developing a relationship. Go through the beats of the process and create some memories before you drag the other person into your pre-written agenda! 


The world of Mormon dating can be confusing. There are no clear rules. And there are so many opportunities to miscommunicate. Take your time, get to know the other person, and don’t be compromising on what you’re looking for in a partner.


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Happy Partner Hunting! 

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