7 Surprising Health Benefits of Love

What is love? Why do people want it? Love is a natural instinct of human and we need no reason for it. And according to science, the high feelings of love bring you tons of health benefits. 1. Love reduces stress Kissing reduces Cortisol - a hormone that causes stress. That's why you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you kiss your love. 2. Love improves your mental health. Scientists found a little amount of dopamine in the brain of people who are in love. This is natural chemistry which helps you feel optimistic, happy and energetic. Plus, dopamine also reduces stress and other mental issues. 3. Love prolongs your life expectancy According to research, the individuals who are in a happy relationship have less stress. They also get a healthy lifestyle, especially men usually give up their smoking or drinking habit. Thus, they would live longer. 4. Love is the natural pain-killer A recent study shows that oxytocin will be released in your body when you hug someone. It helps you relieve the ache, especially headaches. Seeing your love's photo boosts your bearability and reduces up to 40% of the feeling of pain. 5. You will look younger Many studies show that happy people in love look younger than single people. The happy feeling will increase blood flow to the skin, help supply essentials and oxygen to skin cells and make you look young and healthy. 6. Faster Healing The power of a positive relationship may make flesh wounds heal faster. Researchers at Ohio State University Medical Center gave married couples blister wounds. The wounds healed nearly twice as fast in spouses who interacted warmly compared with those who demonstrated a lot of hostility toward each other. 7. Mental therapy People usually visit a psychologist because they want to express themselves and get sympathized. Beyond all the specialists, your beloved is the best psychologist. His/her support in both mind and body will protect you from fear, depression, and anxiety.
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