7 Unspoken Rules of LGBT Dating You *Must* Know Of

Online LGBT Dating is an art, and no one was able to master it immediately! When you log into a LGBT Dating site, you’ll be hit with an abundance of rules. Be cordial. Be approachable. Don’t be mean to people. All of these things are fairly obvious – most people follow these rules. However, certain rules of online LGBT Dating aren’t nearly as evident as these. These ‘unspoken’ rules will occur to you over time, after a few months of using the platform. The more unspoken rules you discover, the better your success rate, and the more cuties in your Inbox!

This is why we’ve decided to *save* you the months of experience, and give you a round-up of the 7 Unspoken Rules of LGBT Onine Dating You *Must* Know Of:

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It’s *Important* To Judge The Book By Its Cover

No, we’re not asking you to be a judgemental person. But first impressions are incredibly important with online LGBT dating. Think of this as reading a book: you’re getting acquainted with new characters, and you don’t have a whole lifetime to get to know them. The only tool at your disposal is their profile. Maybe the profile is too generic and doesn’t catch your attention immediately. Or maybe it contains those Snapchat filter pictures we all hate. In that case, they’ve lost their chance. And that’s only fair!

Pick-Up Lines Don’t Get Utilized Anymore (?!)

A pick-up line to start a conversation? In 2k20? Oh Dear! There’ll be an abundance of ‘What’s Up’, “Hey There”, and different variations of these phrases. But rarely do you open your inbox to a witty AF pickup line that actually applies to your personality. Well, here’s your golden chance! Use a creative pick-up line to initiate the conversation. Picture this: the recipient is reading through half-typed messages with horrid slang (bae, loml). Then, they the sees your razor-sharp pickup line. They’re suddenly very likely to respond to you! Either way, *don’t* start your conversation with a paragraph or a very long message. Keep it short yet unique. And you’re set to get the response you want!

In-App Messages Are Often Followed By Giving Out Your Number

Provided you like the person, of course! The thing is – people are too lazy to text in-app many times, and asking for the other person’s number is just an easier route to take. Remember, phone calls don’t exist anymore (never call someone you just began talking to). After you’ve exchanged numbers with the person – it’s time to send a corny little message. Make sure that message also gives away your name and where you got the number (“we were just talking about Pineapple Pizza two minutes ago!”). Mention the site you met on, what your name is, and if you’d like to continue talking!

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Extra Skeptical

Here’s the thing – no profile you’ll come across on an online dating site, LGBT or not, is 100% accurate and honest, pictures I included. It’s not that everyone is a liar. It’s just that we tend to project our best image forward for people to say. Which means the person you see represented might be a distortion of the real person. Why are we bringing this up? Because we want to make it clear: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being skeptical. Ask those additional questions to confirm what you’re thinking. Be a little paranoid if you want. Make sure communicating without any fear of coming across as skeptical. You have every right to be so, anyway!

It Takes Longer Than You Think

… Until you make find yourself a partner, that is! So many people, so many possibilities, and so little time. It’ll almost feel like online dating is something you’re fully committed to, in order to find the “perfect match”. You may even find yourself zoning out when you’re with friends, or hurriedly charging up your 2% phone battery in order to give an instant reply to your crush. Jokes aside, it’s important that you’re aware of how much time you’re spending on online dating – and make sure that you’re not getting too consumed. There have already been concerns over LGBTQ men and their relationship with dating apps. Don’t fall into that cycle when you’re dabbling into online dating!

Authenticity Is Key

Often times on Dating Sites, you might feel the pressure to assert a certain image of yourself. Everything has to be immaculate and polished. The way your profile looks, what your bio says, how your pictures are taken. Don’t get into that trap! Most people are looking for authenticity, and they’re not going to be as impressed by a picture-perfect person more than a relatable person who they find approachable! Therefore, make sure you’re being authentic, honest and true to yourself in every way.

Rejection Is Inevitable

No matter how long you’ve spent on online LGBT dating sites, or how “desirable” you consider yourself: you are certain to face rejection from people you like. And that’s perfect OK! With the abundance of possibilities at your disposal, there’s absolutely no need to feel disheartened when your cute crush doesn’t reply. Or when the conversation loses its spark halfway. People who are most successful at online dating have already accepted that they can not have a 100% success rate. They know they get turned down way more than they’d like to admit! The good thing is – you have an equal right to turn down someone *you* don’t like.

On platforms like these, there’s no room to take things personally or get offended. There’s also no obligation to like someone or entertain their advances if the feeling isn’t mutual. In short, rejection is inevitable. And you must embrace it!

Bottom Line

You know what they, Practise makes a man perfect. It’s not until you actually have some experience on an LGBT Dating site like Mingle2, that you’ll discover all the spoken and unspoken rules of online dating. Wishing you all the best with that!

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