Is LGBT online dating any different?

Dating is fun. However, it can also be a ton of work if you’re looking for someone to spend your life with more than just a good time. But if you think dating can be a challenge, imagine how hard LGBT dating can be. Sadly, LGBT people are still not completely free from prejudice and persecution. They have to brush off haters and keep meeting people until they find “the one”.

Luckily, online dating came to change the way society interacts with each other. Millions of people join and use LGBT dating platforms every day. It’s safe to say the chances of meeting the love of your life have skyrocketed. But still, the rules and customs of LGBT online dating are not quite the same as the ones of heterosexuals. Keep reading to find out more about how different LGBT online dating is.

Is LGBT online dating different?

The openness of the internet and safe virtual spaces

A positive aspect about the internet is that it has become a very open place. Somewhere people show themselves exactly as they are. The Internet belongs to no one and it’s the perfect spot for people from all over the world to express ideas, beliefs, choices, and preferences. Sexual preferences, of course, have been greatly benefited from the rise of the internet. How, exactly?

In on-site surveys conducted on individuals in the US, only 4% admitted being a part of the LGBT community. Whereas when asked online the results jumped to a 20%. This means there are still many, many people who only feel comfortable with their preferences on a digital space. A place where they feel safe from attacks and prejudice. There’re tons of forums, platforms, influencers and even apps designed for the LGBT community. So it’s only natural that people feel more “at home” in the digital scene.

How LGBT people portray themselves online

It’s very interesting to take notice of how LGBT people portray themselves in their social media and other platforms. Given the hard numbers that we saw above it’s actually a shock. Being in safe and inclusive online environments, LGBT people have more freedom to show their true colors. This in order to find a couple or just somebody to have fun with. In a study that examined thousands of profile pictures from LGBT people in dating sites, it was found that -as opposed to heterosexuals- they show a more colorful and fun personality.

Gay men could be seen wearing mainly fashionable clothing and breathtaking landscapes. They make use of other items such as balloons, pets, and glasses. In the case of lesbian women, they are shown mostly grinning or sticking out their tongues playfully. This s opposed to heterosexual women who tend to pose in their pictures. You could say that, in general, LGBT people feel free to portray themselves as sparkling and open people who embrace their preferences. In spite of changing times, this is not a possibility for many in real life just yet. 

Who benefits from LGBT online dating?

We’re not referring to the orientation of the people who involve in LGBT online dating. It’s amazing to find out the wide range of people who’ve met their soulmates through online dating.  Sure, there are LGBT people from age 18 engaging in activity in match-up apps such as Grindr. But there’s also a big part of “older” people that use LGBT online dating or has used it to meet people.

Before the internet, LGBT people were lucky if they found someone that shared their preferences and likes. Let alone someone they could spend the rest of their lives with. Nowadays, thanks to LGBT online dating sites, people in their 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s have given love a second chance and were able to find “the one”. This thanks to the very strict algorithms to find someone you match with.

What are you looking for in a couple?

Now that we mention the algorithms, it’s important to take notice on the incredible job some of the top LGBT dating sites do. All programs are designed in order to help you find someone exactly like you. For all those LGBT people who are taking their first steps into the seemingly complicated world of online dating, here’s a very valuable advice.

Make sure to be clear on what you’re looking for. It’s definitely not the same to be a successful professional who’s looking someone to share your life with, than to be a twenty-year-old looking to have fun for just one night. Being either of these people is 100% okay. But it’s best to not waste somebody else’s time if he/she’s expecting something different. Luckily, most dating websites and apps have very specific configuration so you can filter your likes in just one click. Also, make sure to state clearly in your profile what you expect to find by joining the platform.

Interest features in LGBT dating apps

There are also several features to choose from to make sure only eligible people will show up or will be able to see you. You’re into mature men? Are you looking for women who love animals? You wouldn’t mind meeting trans people? Establish everything you want in the settings of the app or website and see how the right kind of people start appearing on your screen. 

As you can see, LGBT online dating has taken big steps in the last few years; turning into a real safe place for people not only to find their special someone, but also to show their true personality. We always encourage people to live their lives with honesty and openness about who they really are. But LGBT online dating sites are always a good starting point for those who haven’t taken the big step yet and need a safe environment to start testing the waters.

Maybe you’re looking to meet new and exciting people to make friends. Maybe you want someone to have a fun night with, or if you’re looking for the love of your life; LGBT online dating sites are the place to be. What are you waiting for?

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