What does the bible say about interracial dating?

The concept of racism by skin color has long been a common practice in the past. To this day, racist ideology still appears in some countries. In the bible, the issue of race is also mentioned. In this article, we will attempt to shed some light on the matter of interracial dating, as well as the Bible’s point of view on this issue.

Some views of the Bible

There are a few things that need to be clarified before getting into the matter of interracial dating.

Human origin in the Bible

In the Bible, humanity comes from a man named Adam and a woman named Eva. They were created by God with the Earth and the human species has developed from there. Regardless of their race, the human race is a family.

Some views of the Bible

The two people created by God together with nature and the Earth. Humans are developed by them.

The Bible’s view of dating/flirting

When a person is in a serious relationship, or in a dating/ flirting phase, it is important to remember God’s love first. In addition, we must not defile our bodies with sex before marriage. Whether you are dating or flirting, obeying Bible principles is the best way to have a solid foundation for marriage.

The Bible’s view of interracial dating

The Bible completely accepts interracial dating and even marriage. However, not everyone has the same opinion. If you are planning to marry someone other race to you, you and your partner should discuss the following:

         How will you cope with pressure from your community or family?

         How do you help your children deal with prejudice?

In the bible, there is no opinion of ​​dating between races. But the reality is different. The concept of racism still exists. Many countries, many ethnic groups have not ended this view, so it makes it difficult for people they are dating other races.

In the bible, there is no opinion about interracial dating, but many countries have prejudices about this.


A long history of racism, particularly in the U.S., has made some people believe there is something immoral about dating and marrying outside one’s own race. At one time, many of the states had anti-miscegenation laws that banned interracial marriages.

A number of attempts were made to use the Bible to justify those bans on interracial marriage. Vague assertions were made that God intended for the races to remain separate. Some verses were quoted in part or otherwise out of context in an attempt to show that God opposed interracial marriage.

Join hands say no to racism – make life easier

Church Doctrine

None of the mainstream Christian denominations discourage or prohibit interracial marriage.

In short, the Bible has no intention of opposing interracial dating, so you can rest assured. We hope that this article has been helpful to you.

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