11 Amazing Facts About Sex

1/ A man’s ejaculate contains millions of sperm When a man ejaculates, each teaspoon of fluid contains around 300 to 500 million sperm. And in a bigger picture, in two weeks a man produces enough of the little guys to impregnate every fertile woman on Earth. 2/ The survey of online medical site Dr. Ed showed the most popular sex position amongst men and women was doggy style. It was closely followed by missionary and cowgirl position 3/ Your partner may be fantasizing about another during sex The survey showed 46 percent of women fantasize about another person during sex with their partner, compared to 42 percent of men 4/ Besides men, lesbians have the most orgasms A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that straight men climaxed 85.5 percent of the time, gay men 84.7 percent of the time, and bisexual men climaxed 77.6 percent.However, women showed the largest gap. Lesbian women achieved an orgasm the most at 74.7 percent, straight women 61.6 percent of the time, and bisexual women 58 percent 5/ Before finding 'The One', the average woman will have 7 sexual partners, compared to an average of 1o for a man. 6/ More than 5 billion condoms worldwide are sold every year, according to Michael S. Zedalis, senior vice president in charge of science and technology for condom-maker Ansell Limited. 7/ Men in the U.S. have average size penises Men’s penises in the U.S. are on average 5 inches long, landing in the middle of the spectrum compared to other countries. France takes the cake with some of the largest penises erecting at 6.2 inches and South Korea with the smallest at 3.6 inches. 8/ Women have longer-lasting orgasms than men The average male orgasm lasts six seconds while the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds, according to scary fact book Scared Sh*tless: 1,003 Facts That Will Scare the Sh*t Out of You 9/ The researchers found that the average length of lovemaking sessions is 5.4 minutes 10/ Having sex burns calories The study published in Plos One found that on average, women burned about 69 calories for a 25-minute session, while men burned around 100 calories. 11/ Having sex regularly saves lives. A study carried out in Australia found people who climaxed at least three times a week had a 50% lower chance of dying for any medical reason than those who only climaxed once a month.
11 Amazing Facts About Sex

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